it’s time

to work together

to finish what you started

to remove the overwhelm and get it done

your ideas… your business… developed…launched

adelphoi (adel-foy) - translated “community,  together”

What We Do For You

We make business better. That makes your life better. 

That’s what we do. 

We are adelphoi. 

Overwhelmed in your business? 

Wondering what to do next?

Feeling like there is no one to talk to?

Not enough customers?

Running out of cash?

We are here to change that… to remove your overwhelm… 

to get your business into growth mode. 

What can YOU get from us?

It’s simple really. Scan through the content below until you see something that causes you to pause, even if for a moment. STOP THERE and ENTER! 

Discover exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to help you in areas that you need right now, we can plan the rest another time. 

Oh and don’t worry, there is so much content here…it would take years to get through it all!

UGH…we need more buyers before we go broke!

SIGH… if we just had better people

If only I had my own advisory board to share ideas with

DANG accounting…

I wish I would have paid more attention in school

Wondering if you should change up your business model? 

My latest book deals with “The Pivot” and why now may be the best time for your business to revamp your offerings and Pivot to something different or add an offering! Coming Soon!


Who can help me with my crazy new idea?

GEEZ…why do all the money people require a business plan and financials?

Download my new book and 

I’ll show you how you

can triple your current number of leads, 

double your sales and increase your annual revenue by $50,000 or more…and WITHOUT spending a cent more on marketing or advertising… GUARANTEED! 

All Business Owners have pain points and things they wan’t to improve. What is the Single Biggest Problem You’re Facing In Your Business Today?

Send Us Your Question And We Will Email You The Solution!


There is so much more…

You need a solution and we probably have it!

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